The following technical themes are considered for the ISHS 2020:

Physical and Numerical Modelling
Instrumentation | Scale effects | Validation and verification

Prototype Measurements
Case studies | Instrumentation | Design optimization and retrofits

Coastal Structures
Harbours and marinas | Jetties | Shoreline protection | Desalination infrastructure

Environmental and Ecological Impacts
Fish passages | Stratification | Gas transfer | Turbidity currents | Scour | Reservoir operations

Best Practices in Risk Management
Dam safety and rehabilitation | Risk and hazard assessment | Debris management structures | Safety in design | Sustainable design | Adaptation to climate change
Energy Dissipation
Stilling basins | Stepped spillways | Jet and plunge pools

Regulation Structures
Dams and weirs | Spillways | Gates and valves | Intakes and outlets

Flow Conveyance Structures
Canals and river training structures | Surge tanks | Irrigation systems | Flood mitigation

Hydraulic Structures and Energy
Run-of-the-river power plants | Wave power plants | Tidal power plant | Pumped storage hydropower plants

Hydraulic Structures in Mining Operations
Energy dissipation for slurry flows | Structures for slurry collection and mixing | Structures for slurry distribution